Something that got my attention: The Velopresso

This is the coolest thing t I have seen for the past week and all I can say that I want one


let me introduce to you the Velopresso

Amos Field Reid and Lasse Oiva combined their love and interest to develop an eco- friendly coffee on the go that rely on human power instead of electricity


“Velopresso is a celebratory fusion of human power, sensory pleasures and technology — old tech with hi-tech, bicycles and coffee, their engineering and aesthetics. The result is an innovative pedal-powered mobile coffee-making machine for off-grid selling of quality espresso and its derivatives with a compact footprint and near silent ultra-low carbon human-powered operation — fine coffee, no electricity, no motors, no noise.”  source

 This concept is good for both the community and the environment, Hope to see one in Kuwait soon