Figs by Todd English


Last Saturday I was invited to try the new restaurant figs by Todd English

 Fig’s is a small intimate bistro , that foc uses on upscale American food the Pizza is  thehighlight specializing with thin-crusted free form pizzas with a variety of toppings baked in a wood-fired oven .

Berry Viola

fresh blueberry ,fresh raspberry ,fresh black berry and lime soda


Figs Sunrise

Fig jam, lime cordial and mint


Boston bibb & watercress salad

with toasted walnut dressing and maytag blue chees


Crispy Rhode Island Calamari

hot and crispy the calamari was tender which made it perfect



Bianco Pizza

Mozzarella, sweet onions, fresh tomatoes, arugula, extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar. thin and crispy just the way i like it


Sweet Potato Brava

 smothered in sweet salsa brava served with jalapeno and avocado cream if I’m not mistaken , If you love sweet potatoes you will love this dish

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The Chocolate Factory – Barcelona

As you know I was in Barcelona for a short vacation which was so much fun
anyways I came across this small business called the chocolate factory

They produced premium quality chocolate with creative design . As a chocolate
addicted i wanted to buy the whole store each product is unique but this specific
product got my attention “the chocolate jam” I have never seen chocolate jam
before, chocolate spread yes but chocolate and fruit preserve was something new
they have three flavors and I bought all three mint ,orange and pear


I have tried the orange and chocolate jam and it is well balanced, it has a good
portion of both oranges and chocolate I think it would be great as a cake filling will
try and let you know

                 Just make sure to pass by the chocolate factory when you visit Spain